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Insurance + There is a broad range of insurance products. Prices, reliability, and value vary drastically.

Are You Being Misled About Insurance?

Many insurance companies & agents offer websites you can search for information & quotes. But that takes a tremendous amount of time and even then, it’s easy to be misled. In most cases, you have to give all your personal information & put up with multiple sales people calling and bothering you. You are told you are getting the best coverage for you… but are you?

Rather than going through all of the hassle above, simply give us a call. We’ll save you time, money & headache and shop the top companies for you. Then, we bring you the fairest, honest options. We’ll provide you the best insurance you can possibly get within your budget. Our existing clients will verify this…

We offer expert insurance advice, affordable programs & rates for:

Dental Insurance

We offer affordable plans that help with the high cost of dental care. Many plans also combine dental coverage with vision and hearing benefits.

Umbrella Insurance

Whether it’s a serious car accident involving extensive medical bills or an incident on your property, umbrella insurance policy can provide coverage that goes beyond the limits of your primary coverage.

Travel Insurance

We highly endorse The Travel Center. You never know what can happen while traveling to cause you unexpected expenses. They help take any stress out of traveling, and any unexpected expenses. You can choose from various inexpensive policies.

Wedding & Special Events

Weddings and events insurance covers a broad range of unexpected risks on your big day. It protects the investments you made during the planning phase, from cancellations, to lost deposits, and more.

Valuable Coverages

Have peace of mind in knowing that your high value items are financially protected in the event they are lost or stolen.

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